Stainless Steel Conductivity and soldering question.

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  1. rmatter
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    Does anyone have any experiences with using the Stainless option as a conductor as a as well as possibly for soldering? The application will be a conductive 1.5v battery cap under spring pressure. I'm hoping the properties would be similar to stainless in that regard. Also, any experiences regarding silver solder would be helpful.
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    With the bronze content of the ss print media it should be a better electrical conductor than plain ss material.
    When you say "silver solder" do you mean llow temp, lead free, silver bearing solder? Or do you mean hi temp, high silver solder?
    The low temp soft solder works fine on this material just make sure the surfaces are clean and free of any protective lacquer. For hi temp soldering,
    like jewelers or industrial silver solder you will need to use what is known as hi-temp "black" flux. This is a flouride based paste flux. Many jewelers and metalsmiths use the standard "white" flux but the black version gives you some extra headroom and works MUCH better on the ss print media.
    The print media is a relatively poor heat conductor but this actually is not a bad thing when soldering because the heat from the torch stays localized.
    Use a liberal amount of flux, if you paint it all over the piece you can avoid most or all of the heat scaling that normally occurs when you bring things to hi soldering temperature. Hope this helps? I thought i sent a responce to this question last week but it never showed up .
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    That's really great information and great news. Yes it will only be low temp soldering. I'm going to move ahead with my design as planned. Thanks!