Spiral Coaster - Ceramic 3D Print

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    Hi Shapeways,

    I am a designer and student of architecture in London. I use generative modeling software and computational manufacturing tools. I am fascinated by natural patterns, technology and intersections of science and art. I am currently working for a 3D technologies company and have a place to study architecture at the Architectural Association.

    Spiral Coaster is inspired by natural patterns and optimization. The form is generated by a fibonacci, voronoi algorithm and 3D printed in ceramic. The fibonacci sequence appears everywhere in nature from microscopic biological structures to spiral galaxies, some of the largest structures in the universe. The fibonacci numbers are intimately related to the golden ratio and can be found in every cell in the human body.

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    This is a really beautiful application of the phyllotaxis spiral! (Although should a coaster have holes in it? Isn't the point to stop liquid getting onto the table? Perhaps it's a trivet instead?)

    However, I have to comment on the golden ratio mysticism. Most of the supposed places where the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence arise in nature are mythical. If you know of a legitimate reference for connections between the golden ratio and the shapes of spiral galaxies, or nautilus shells, or DNA, then I would like to know about it. Lots of debunking of the supposed connections here: http://naturography.com/the-golden-section-hypothesis-a-crit ical-look/.

    Pretty much the only actual occurrence of the Fibonacci numbers in nature I know of is in the phyllotaxis spiral itself!
  3. edrawle
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    Hi Henry,

    Valid point. I started designing the coaster with the spiral engraved in the surface but thought it just looked better with the pores! If a small amount of liquid is spilled, the coaster will prevent it marking the table.If you do spill more and get liquid on the table it will leave the spiral pattern which is contrary to the function of a coaster but I actually like that it leaves the pattern behind (I should mention this in the description and include a photo).
    I guess it could be used as a trivet. I will design another with cells engraved rather than porous and highlight the point that the current version is no conventional coaster! ;)