Slidey 2x2x2 by OSKAR

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  1. Oskar_van_Deventer
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    Hi Shapeways fans,

    Slidey 2x2x2 is a sliding pieces puzzle with 24 sliding pieces around a spherical core. Unlike regular sliding pieces, this one does not have a free space. So some people would consider it to be a twisty puzzle.

    Watch the YouTube video.
    Buy the puzzle from my Shapeways Shop.
    Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
    Check out the photos below.



    Slidey 2x2x2 - prototype - view 1.jpg

    Slidey 2x2x2 - prototype - view 2.jpg
  2. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Absolutely fantastic (as usual :)).
    Am I wrong or solving this one is like solving the 4 center pieces of the 6 faces of a 4x4x4?
  3. Oskar_van_Deventer
    Oskar_van_Deventer Well-Known Member
    Wrong. In a 4x4x4, opposite faces move independently. Here, they do not more at all.
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  4. Magic
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    Understood. A new world to explore so...
  5. stop4stuff
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    Wow... that an awesome puzzle, looks like a real twisty slider ;)
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