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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by andresc2, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. andresc2
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    hi i bought an item from here on september 14th and the status of the order still the same and i have sent an email and haven't seen a response to it. This is a birthday gift for someone and the date is getting near. is there any way to see how the order is coming along?
  2. mkroeker
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    Customer service is normally quick to respond - make sure that their reply did not
    end up in your spam folder.
    Also check the material status page (linked from the top paragraph of the materials overview
    in the "Create" menu) - some materials may be backlogged if e.g. a specific printer needed repairs
    or simply is in unusually high demand. Advertised production times vary by material and are given
    in business days. While the order is in production, there is no further update on the status page until
    it is actually shipped. (You will get an email from UPS with the parcel tracking code, but no further message
    from shapeways when it is shipped.)
    The wait you mentioned sounds about right for plated steel (16 business days) or ceramics (13 days
    plus possibly affected by current backlog). Also if you put several pieces in different materials all in
    the same order, they will be shipped together, i.e. after the part with the longest production time is done.

  3. ChristelM
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    Hi Andres,

    I have just sent you an email about your order.

    Customer Service Agent