Shipping costs per product?

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by nibbo, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. nibbo
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    A question about the way you charge shipping costs. When ordering a product it says it includes "Vat & shipping".

    Why isn't shipping per order instead of per product? Or am I mistaken? I checked it in the ordering process where the price (Inc Vat & shipping) is only multiplied by the quantity.


  2. clintbellanger
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    Shipping costs are built into the material/production costs. So if you see something that's $10 on Shapeways it costs that amount to make it and get it to your door.
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  3. nibbo
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    Perhaps I should add what my point is: Say you have a small part which you want to order 20 of. I hope your not getting charged with 20x shipping costs for those parts would easily fit in one package.
  4. randomblink
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    Good point... can anyone elucidate?
  5. clintbellanger
    clintbellanger New Member
    If you look at my shop, I have some small cheap items. I ordered a pile of items (just above the minimum order amount of $25) that was shipped in one package, overseas, in only a few days.

    I actually worry that Shapeways is losing money on shipping small orders.

    They don't add a fixed shipping cost to each item. It seems like a certain percentage of a material's cost-per-cubic-cm is there to help cover their shipping expenses. So it's proportional to the size of the item. I tried one item that is only $0.35, and I could get 100 of them printed and sent in a box for $35.
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  6. robert
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    Yes, the shipping charges are included in the price.

    The minimum orderamount insures that our handling & shipping costs are covered.