Shapeways site update of October 21st 2010

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by arno, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. arno
    arno New Member
    Hi All,

    We have just had another site update release. We have the following major new feature for you:

    Accountless ordering
    With this new feature new visitors are able to shop without an account/login. Only upon checkout of their order they signup when entering their billing/shipment details.

    This feature has been requested by many, as you now can fill your shopping basket without the need to first create an account.

    And some smaller improvements:

    Comment notification email
    The text and username of a poster of product comments are now available in the notification email template.

    Downloadable products
    All products which are set to 'downloadable' will have the download icon like the 3d parts.
    We have also made a 'download' category, which will automaticaly include all downloadable products.

    We also released the following bugfixes[list type=disc]
    [*] For the bronze and silver ringpoem all the materials were displayed in the creator, where obviously they should have shown only metal or silver.
    [*] When you downloaded an original file (recently introduced feature), textures were missing when it was a colorfile that had textures. These textures are now included in the zip.
    [*] In some occasions there were still problems when setting the default order of the products in a shop. A new method has been implemented for moving the models which should solve this once and for all.

    Kind regards, Arno
  2. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Maybe I've missed the announcement, but ordering is now possible from the list overview.


    Can you please internally discuss if the automatic transfer to the basket list makes sense in this case?
    In my opinion if you offer ordering from the list then ordering multiple items will be the standard use. So you want first order the items and then doing the rest on the basket.
    Otherwise you loose the big advantage of the new feature.
    I've done that today .... the process is much faster now but could be improved by that a lot.

    Additionally the material selector would make more sense outside.
    Having a box to which items the next material choose should be applied.

    So the ideal steps would be:
    - Selecting all the needed items from the list
    - Choosing the correct materials for group of items
    - forward to checkout

    ... and the ordering process would be 5 minutes instead of many 5 minutes as it still is today.

    Nevertheless big step, but I hope my suggestions are worth discussing.