Shapeways Launches Etsy E-commerce Integration

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  1. lawrencekramer2014
    lawrencekramer2014 Well-Known Member
    Shapeways staff:
    Please provide a status update. Have the known bugs all been killed as of 10th June 2019?
    If you already have a marketplace shop, and a shopify shop, and you now add an Etsy shop, do both fulfillment apps know how to process an order?
    I have a shopify presence ( ) and a marketplace shop ( )
    but do not want to open an Etsy shop until the initial issues have been resolved.
    Is it safe to go into these waters yet?
  2. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hello @lawrencekramer2014 at this time the only issues we are seeing here and there are some delays in product import. These instances are being handled on a case by case basis and we have been seeing them happen less frequently.

    I'm not sure I understand the second question. Once you connect your Etsy shop to your Shapeways account via our Integration app, you'll be able to set how orders are fulfilled (automatically vs manually) regardless of whether you have a Shopify shop set up. Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding.

  3. lawrencekramer2014
    lawrencekramer2014 Well-Known Member
    Hi Lefteri and Team,
    I intend to have both the shopify store and the Etsy stores fulfill automatically through shapeways for all shapeways products. I'm currently trying to get tariff rates, VAT and sales tax and minimum shipping to about 45 customer countries from shapeways. I'm trying to be able to show customers "what is will really cost you, delivered" including all the costs beyond the product price. That way I'll avoid customers refusing the shipment in their home country because of unexpected tariffs, taxes, shipping costs. Etsy and shopify treat US state sales taxes differently, in terms of reporting. I don't know what international reporting, or ability to handle tariff payments and customs clearing house functions I can build into both shops. I would ideally like to make things very seamless and easy for the customer, no matter what country they live in. Everything clear and visible up-front and no surprises for the customer.
  4. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hi @lawrencekramer2014 while we are unable to consult on tax charges, there are some resources and suggestions I can share that may help.

    1. Consult a tax professional on where you should charge taxes to your customers on Etsy and Shopify, referencing our Pricing page,
    2. Alternatively, you can provide tax-exempt documentation for specific regions and we won't charge taxes for orders being shipped there. You can send these documents to me at
  5. ZapWizard
    ZapWizard Active Member
    I just got my first order via Etsy. Basically as far as I can tell, it is exactly the same as processing an order yourself, just with a separate billing and shipping address. The invoice lists the customer's name and address as the shipping address, and my name and address as the billing address. I can't tell if the customer gets my home address or not on their notification. Can someone provide an example of what the customer order notification looks like?

    The taxes are effectively charged twice. Etsy charges taxes based on the retail price listed on Etsy, and then Shapeways charges you a second tax on the base price of your model.

    Shipping seems to be handled by just crediting $4.99 under "Value". My credit card is charged for the item+taxes+shipping. What is going to be a big issues is your end of year taxes. You will have to ensure that all charges done via Etsy are subtracted from any profit listed on Etsy.

    I have my Etsy linked to a card which gives me instant notifications on purchase, however 5 hours later, and nothing has actually been charged to the card yet. It isn't clear when that will occur, or what might happen if funds aren't available, as it isn't even listed a pending yet.

    Etsy lists three separate types of translations related to this one sale. Each one is marked as "Fee & Tax". So it is very confusion to figure out what items are Etsy's Cut, what are actually taxes. This transaction for example has -$1.88, -$2.25, and -$0.25 as the three listed transactions. None of them work out to 5% of the item+shipping cost.
    So plan on using a spreadsheet to keep track of profits and tax claims.
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  6. Vortical
    Vortical Well-Known Member
    Very good news. Thanks.
  7. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hello @ZapWizard thank you for reaching out!

    Shapeways shipments will only include Shapways information and information about the contents (no price will be shown, just the name of the model and its "PO" number)

    Regarding the fees you're seeing, Etsy support will be able to clarify. We are obligated to charge sales tax for the Shapeways orders placed in order to fulfill Etsy orders. It is then the shop owner's responsibility to handle how/if/when taxes are handled on the Etsy side, so you are correct that this is something Etsy shop owner's must take into account.

    In cases where the Shapeways order does not go through, wether due to lack of funds or because of printability issues, you will have the opportunity to fulfill that Etsy order manually with a new Shapeways order.
  8. lawrencekramer2014
    lawrencekramer2014 Well-Known Member
    Dear Lefteri and shapeways staff,
    Please clarify who is acting as the retailer and paying the USA states sales or retail use taxes to the individual states.
    If I read the documentation info properly then:
    1. If an order is placed for my model from shapeways marketplace, then shapeways is acting as the retailer and collecting the sales tax and remitting it monthly for all such sales to each USA state as the retailer. The model builder is not involved.
    2. If an order is placed for my model from my shopify store ( ) and automatically fulfilled by shapeways, then I am acting as the retailer and the collected sales tax shows up in my checking account and I am responsible for remitting it monthly for all such sales to each USA state as the retailer. The fulfillment house (shapeways) is acting as my agent and collects but is not involved in sales tax remittance.
    3. If an order is placed for my model from my Etsy store ( TBD ) and automatically fulfilled by shapeways, then I am acting as the retailer and the collected sales tax shows up in my checking account and I am responsible for remitting it monthly for all such sales to each USA state as the retailer. The fulfillment house (shapeways) is acting as my agent and collects but is not involved in sales tax remittance. The reporting by Etsy and whether Etsy collects the sales tax or shapeways collects it seems to be an integration issue. A given retail transaction cannot collect sales tax twice. That would be retail fraud.

    Did I get this right?
    Best Wishes, Lawrence
  9. LeonTsivin
    LeonTsivin Member Product Team
    Hi Lawrence,

    Thanks for your questions.

    1. This is correct. When a product is purchased from the Shapeways marketplace, the customer received a Shapeways invoice, so they are a Shapeways customer in which case we collect sales tax and remit it as needed.

    2. This is also correct except for the part that we are acting as your agent. In this case, we are acting as a third party supplier who is drop shipping on your behalf. Another way to think about this is that when an order comes in to your Shopify store, you are then ordering your own model from Shapeways, and to that end, we charge you taxes on the purchase you made from Shapeways for your product and remit it accordingly. It is correct that you are responsible for remitting taxes as appropriate for your business, as the Shopify customer is your customer and receives an invoice from your Shopify store however you have it set up.

    3. The Etsy integration works in the same way as Shopify as described in question 2. Again we are not an agent in this case but are a third party supplier, so we must charge you tax on your purchase from Shapeways unless you provide the relevant sales tax exemption form. We are then responsible for either remitting the sales tax to the state or providing that form. How you collect tax from your end customer on Shopify or Etsy is again up to you; Etsy does not supply Shapeways resale certificates on behalf of store owners and we are not making sales to Etsy - we are making them to you as the store owner.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions.

  10. EvieL
    EvieL Well-Known Member
    Just wanted to add that Etsy is now remitting tax on quite a few more states even if you don't have the traditional nexus as a result of the new laws.

    For example, I have nexus in NY and I use to set up different tax rules by county and specific zip codes on Etsy so that the appropriate tax rates can be applied. As of June, Etsy started to remit to NY, so I deleted all my tax rules that I've set up and just let Etsy handle it. I recently had a sale to upstate NY and the tax was correctly charged to the customer. Had I not deleted the tax rule, the customer might have charged twice, I don't know, but it is prudent to double check your tax rules to see if your state is one of those Etsy has started to remit to.
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  11. aryser
    aryser Well-Known Member
    In one of my examples of a single order, the numerous etsy transactions linked to one order are adding up the following way
    (-0.2, -0.02, -1.78, -1.36, -0.25, -0.1, -0.1, -0.02 = 3,86$).
    This are additional costs to add to the price.
  12. 3DAircrew
    3DAircrew Active Member
    I completed the etsy integration and created and etsy account. Now what? How do I get my products onto etsy since many of them have size variants?
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  13. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hello @3DAircrew

    There are two methods which you can read about on page 8 of our setup guide.

    Regardless of the method chosen, you will be able to connect an Etsy listing "variant" to a specific model from your Shapeways account. If you run into any issues, please contact

  14. aryser
    aryser Well-Known Member
    I am happy with the etys integration. It works!:)
    (and people who buy are not shapies)
    But integration should be technically improved.
    A small progress would be if the mark-ups would be visible
    like in the Shapeways shop.
    this would be very helpfull.
  15. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hello @aryser! Thank you for the positive feedback and for this suggestion. I will pass this on to our Developer team.