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  1. Mid7night
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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to point out a program called SCULPTRIS.

    It looks to be a lot like ZBrush, in that it allows you to sculpt directly and morph and all kinds of other stuff. It natively import/exports Wavefront objects (.obj), so you'll have to go through Blender to convert your sculptures to STL (or another supported format here), but hey, at least they're both free!

    It's really quite a powerful program, and coupled with Blender for conversions, you've got a great free sculpting solution.

    ~ Mid7night
  2. LincolnK
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    Thanks for posting about this. After reading about it here, I downloaded it, and have been having a lot of fun with it.
  3. Ditto. I downloaded it today, and I've been having a blast. After wrecking my head trying to get it around trueSpace's user interface, this was so ridiculously intuitive, I just fired it up and went. When I showed my dad, he even wanted a copy to play with (he's not known for his artistic leanings), and because it was so small (the entire folder was less than 500MB, and the program itself is only 520Kb? Seriously?) I was able to whack it straight onto his old USB stick.

    It's the simplest thing in the world; take a ball of clay, and smush it around. Brilliant. :D

  4. Ray716
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    Sadly, it only works on Windows... I use Ubuntu, and all my friends use Mac. Ohh well..

  5. clsn
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    Sad indeed. But I am giving it a try under wine (on Fedora), and so far it seems to be working!