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  1. TheJrade
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    I have found some models that I would like to buy, specifically:

    But would like to have some of the models made slightly larger, I have contacted the designer but haven't received a response (yet?). My question is how difficult is this to do? If I don't receive word from the modeler, can anyone else do a similar model in a larger size? I would be looking to purchase about 20 models to the tune of about $200 if that is any motivator.

    Thanks in Advance,
  2. realdroon
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    20 models for 200 leaves you at $10 per model and that's about the price they're at now. a marginal increase in size will rapidly multiply the price, for example, a model twice as big will be 8 times as expensive as volume is the only price determining factor

    (bar hollowing out and shipping costs etc)
  3. pfeifferstylez
    pfeifferstylez New Member
    Basically, it is pretty simple to rescale a STL object ... just enter a scale factor, then save. ^^
  4. TheJrade
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    Good to know, thanks guys, particularly that part about how fast the price will go up (pesky square-cube law). I don't mind paying extra for the materials but am a little leery of paying for a bottom-up redesign.

    Some folks had asked for clarification:
    I'm looking for a 30% scale-up of: (4 of these)

    And also these in the listed size: (about 15 of them) l ml tml

    Lastly, if the other models turn out looking good I'd like a few other ships from the Star Trek universe, like the Defiant: _nx74205_defiant.jpg
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  5. realdroon
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    for the ones you want rescaled, I don't see them as being available for download, so you're really going to need the cooperation of the original uploader, he's going to have to rescale the parts, it's easy to do, but he'll need to do it..

    also bear in mind in WSF, these mini parts will not look like the renders, they will be grainier, you might be better of with a frosted detail, although then, they'll be more fragile.. and more expensive as well.

    here's guy that bought and painted these: g/88-full-thrust/92-cornish-fleet?showall=&start=3
  6. TheJrade
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    Ah, I had wondered what the WSF abbreviation I kept seeing meant. What exactly is "frosted detail" and how fragile are we talking about here? Would the rougher texture be covered up at all by a layer of primer? Would it (or said primer layer) affect the way the water-based paints I prefer stick to the model?

    And most certainly thanks for your advice so far as well :)
  7. pfeifferstylez
    pfeifferstylez New Member
    I use polished WSF for almost all of my models.
    And the embossings/engravings on the up-scaled spaceships should be tall/deep enough to survive the polishing process without an signifikant lost of details.

    Frosted Detail is better for really small details, but the surface smoothness can be a nightmare.

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  8. TheJrade
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    <Looks at enormous number of material options> Wow, there are a lot of those. What is the difference between detail/not? What is the difference between WSF and WSF Polished?

    Sorry for the n00b questions, but thanks in advance for the sage advice.
  9. pfeifferstylez
    pfeifferstylez New Member
    WSF is a little bit grainy, but polished WSF is smooth like a Mentos. ^^

    There's a comparison pic on the material page.

    And here is a close-up of a 3,6cm / 1,4in tall painted model, printed in polished WSF.

  10. TheJrade
    TheJrade New Member
    Ah, the materials page was very helpful! Thank ya much :)