Rhino simple bullet with manifold problems

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  1. TSuriyathep
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    Hi, I'm new here I just started with something simple. I made a bullet using the revolve technique. When I export to STL, I'm not exactly sure of the settings but for the simple settings I made it 0.01mm. From what I can see, some of the errors look pretty bad, especially near the tip. Is there an easy way to fix it, or should I start the whole thing over using some other methods?


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    I suggest you "Netfabb studio basic" (free), load your model then perform the automatic repair. It is simple and fast. Here your model fixed. I have to flip the triangles as the analysis tell me that the shell has negative volume (will be rejected). I made an upload test and the model now is ok. Select "mm" as you upload the file.

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  3. TSuriyathep
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    Hi Umberto, thanks for the info, I tried netfabb and it worked great for everything. I thought that Rhino was used by jewelry designers for 3D printing, so I don't get why it wouldn't work out of the box. Can't wait to see how it turns out!