Reinforcing Thin walls white plastic

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    Hey im looking to reinforce a Helm I had designed. its going to only be 1mm thick made from the flexable white plastic. i was thinking to reinforce it with maybe fiberglass, but I hear that the Resin gets hot when mixed, and im afraid that the heat would warp and damage the plastic.
    would it? and if so what would be a better reinforcing idea?

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  2. Fibreglass resin will indeed get quite hot, but only in bulk (a pot full) and probably not enough to melt WSF nylon. If you intend to just brush it over the surface you should be fine. Resin itself will not give much reinforcement. Fibreglass parts gain their strength from the glass and hold their shape due to the resin gluing fibre to fibre. Vacuum bagging the part so as to infuse it with resin would be the most preferred solution, I suspect.
  3. Danielruiz77
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    yes i was going to use the fiberglass with it, thank you for the information