Radio parts designer in southern CA

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    I collect and restore old radios (mainly 1930s to 1950s) and need somebody to design parts for 3D printing. Some parts of some radios, such as escutcheons, were made of Tenite, an early plastic which shrinks and distorts with age. The person I need has to be able to start with such a part, and the radio, then measure and design the model as the part was originally shaped. The 3D printed item would then be used to make molds for plastic casting, as many parts were multi-color swirled (eg. brown with cream) items. We might also make metal parts and knobs.
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    Hey, I've done this before! I restored the Sonix Victory 75 radio, the radio used as part of the sandtrooper backpack from starwars. It was one of my first projects when I started my 3d printing career.

    I go by zenix around the net sometimes, on the starwars forums, and on thingiverse and on

    Here's someone blogging about him building the radio from one of my kits: ory-75-radio.html

    A single pic from the radio museum archives:

    Figuring out which radio this was from the film was very difficult, and someone ended up noticing it being used in the old Avengers tv show, and got a bit more detail and was able to figure it out.

    I modeled the nob,s trim, faceplate, speaker grill, panels, and everything else for this build. google zenix and sonix victory 75 and sandtrooper and you'll see lots of things related to this.