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  1. wakonako
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    I need a solar light pole and all components modelling for 3D Printing. I have attached the spec sheet for sizing. On the sheet is specs for:
    Light Pole
    Solar Panel
    Frame to hold Panel
    Light Cover
    Light Frame

    I need the light pole, light frame and light cover to be hollow. I also need the light cover to have the ability to shine light through it. It would work best if each component could be manufactured separately and then combined.

    Please take a look and give me a quote. I have modeled the light pole already, but its in Sketchup and I have no idea how to model the more complicated items, or how to make it hollow.

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  2. wakonako
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    This is as far as I've gotten in sketchup. I just don't know how to make it all hollow in Shapeways. I also don't know how to do curved cylinders for the light holder.

    For anybody interested in completing this model to where it will light up and work, I can afford $100 for the model design. There will be more work in the future as there are 15 more light pole designs we are working towards.

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    PM sent.
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    PM Sent
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    I can do this for you and could probably turn it around in a day. The way I charge is for every model I build for you, you cover the cost to print one of my own models. You will also get the option to print one of my designs for your self. Everything I'm working on is sensitive information and will require the signing of an NDA, as well you will need to agree to be an official beta tester for my projects and keep the prints for your own use.

    If you are interested send me an email.