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  1. polaroid
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    Hey all!

    I'm a digital sculptor and designer specializing in sculpting characters and toys meant for print. I'm really passionate about character design, and modeling just about any product for print. I'm currently available to sculpt just about anything you could want, so please feel free to ask any questions you may have, and let's make some cool products!

    Type: Any!
    Price: different rates depending on the complexity of the project, but I'm willing to consider budgets too, so feel free to email or PM me!

    Check out some of my work here:



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  2. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    I've gotten a great response so far, thank you all who PM me so much! Here is some new personal work from me, based on my friend's character.


  3. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Thank you all for the PMs and inquiries, I have been able to do some extremely fun projects.

    Here is a new personal work! A little creature I've been working on since I was a little kid. Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to keep asking any questions you may have! Contact me today and I can sculpt you some great little critters like this one also.

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  4. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Finishing up some projects, and ready for more work!

    Here's some new personal stuff from me.

  5. numbskull1212
    numbskull1212 New Member
    Great Sculpter!
    Does exceptional work at affordable prices, knows whats needed for printable models, turns concepts in to masterpieces.
    Great to work with, and will continue to work with.
  6. UAlienD13
    UAlienD13 New Member
    Robert is an excellent sculpter who does quality work and quickly. He responds quickly and communicates well. I highly recommend him. I will definitely use him for future projects.
  7. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Hi guys, finishing up some projects and I am ready for new work! Please PM or email me if you need some affordable, quality work done.

    Here is the start of a new character, this time a League of Legends character:

  8. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Hi all, finishing some really fun projects. I'm ready for more! Please PM or email me if you need some high quality, affordable work. Let's make some fun stuff!

    Here is some more work from me:

  9. movifann
    movifann New Member
    i made a female IDF figure out of sculpey clay and would like to turn it into a plastic figure.. would you be interested in helping me with something like that?
    i will send you pics of figurine tomorrow , my email is movisnob@gmail.com.. and tomorrow will send multiple pics of figurine Tim

  10. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Hello again everybody! After finishing up some projects, I am ready to help out with some more great work! Please send me a message or email if you'd like to talk about working together.

    Here is a little quicky I finished for a client recently.

    His reference:

    Le Boss cut out_SCALED.jpg

    The final product, my sculpt:

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  11. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Hi all! Another round of fun work done. I am ready for new commissions, so feel free to PM or email me if you'd like something done.

    Here's some more figure work!

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  12. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Hi everybody! Hope all is well. Finished another round of very cool works, and am ready for more!

    Please feel free to reply to my thread, PM me, or email me here: robertborashan@yahoo.com so we can bring your ideas to life!

  13. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
  14. elopez3d
    elopez3d Well-Known Member
    Beautiful work, your making another designer inspired!
  15. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Hi all! I'm finally available for more work :)

    Email me here if you'd like any work done:

    robertborashan @ gmail . com

    Here are some new shots from me:


    Thank you! That's really awesome to hear. Please keep checking in and hopefully I will update this more often. And keep going yourself too!
  16. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Hi guys! Thank you everybody who has contacted me about work. I just finished some really cool new projects that I wish I could show you! But I am now now available for more work.

    You can PM me here, or contact me at robertborashan @ gmail . com

    Here's another new sculpture.

  17. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Hello! Finishing up another round of work, and available for some more!

    You can PM me here, or contact me at robertborashan @ gmail . com

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  18. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Here's some new work from me. A little more abstract :) and part of a series of sculptures I'll be updating here

  19. sailorman627
    sailorman627 New Member
    This artist recently provided me with a model based on my photos. It was a rigged Zbrush scupt. It is beautiful and very usable for work in my own design process. I would have to problem reccomending this artist to anyone who needs some custom work done. Higly talented!
  20. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    Finishing up some really awesome projects, and am now available for more work!

    Feel free to PM me here, or contact me at robertborashan @ gmail . com