Part Of The Order Cancellation Issue

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  1. Hello!

    So, my problem is:
    I've ordered a print of an object consisting of 7 pieces. There was no problem on the uploading stage. Everything went smooth. I placed the order and that was that.
    Today I woke up to a message that 3 of my pieces are unprintable and "we're cancelling them", but the rest 4 are already in printing so I can't cancel the order. This doesn't sound right to me, at all. If you are cancelling a part of the order, at least ask me if I want to proceed with the rest?
    And I had to create a thread, because I've got no answer from support team so far.
  2. EricaC
    EricaC Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Sorry for all the trouble! I can see your email you sent to our team a few hours ago and we're just about to get back to you. We do our best to reply as soon as we can - usually within 8 hours. Thanks for your patience while we help work on this with you!
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  3. Hello Erica,
    Thank you for the reply! Got an email from the team and currently working on the options I have. Sorry for the panic!
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  4. jimmyadvice
    jimmyadvice Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Glad we could help!