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Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by bdeaver, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. bdeaver
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    Does anyone have experience with any of the plastic materials outdoors, with or without paint on them? I'm just wondering how they will stand up to the elements. Thanks.
  2. LeftySpinhand
    LeftySpinhand New Member
    for what its worth... I design jewelery for the WSF materials.

    I've been wearing 5 bracelets, with links ranging from 1mm core to nearly 3mm, for nearly two months. Three of these bracelets are "full-time", and one that I have not taken off since the day I received it and put it on.

    I work in clothing retail, and i deal with hangers, and hooks and stuff that can catch and break jewelery every day! These things have withstood that. Well.

    The one with 1mm links broke in One place after about a month and a half, (after I hit a door REALLY hard with my wrist).

    They are strong and wash well in the shower. I use regular soap and shampoo and these pieces show NO signs of degradation.

    The color of the BSF pieces "Shines" for a bit after a wash, but has always returned to good ol' black.

    I understand that you are asking about uv and weather, but I've been super tough on these bracelets and I couldn't be more satisfied!

    Hope that helps a lil bit!