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  1. SGDesigns
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    I just wanted to share my newest silver bead. I love it. Ive had to order a bunch, I got lots of people waiting on them. These came out great. Here are some pictures of the first batch.

    Bandit bead.jpg


    Oh yeah, one more thing, This is for Shapeways, I dunno who exactly it was that handled this order, it was order 162374. Whoever did the wax printing and silver casting, I really want to thank you for the amazing work you did. I was a little worried with this order because it was truely the smallest detail ive made. The detail on this bead is the smallest possible based on the design rules and the even more amazing is this cheshire cat ring. I was a bit hesitant on making this ring at a size 5 1/2 but since it was for a friend, I cant say now. I completely redid the detail on the ring and exaggerated with the the fur detail because I knew I was going to give it a light polish. Being that this is the smallest ring ive made, I was very impressed with the detail. So whoever you are that handled this ring on order 162374, I really want to thank you. Sheewwwttt, id pay extra to have the same person handle my orders. Although this post is for the Silver Bandit Bead, I still want to include this... Heres the picture of the Cheshire Cat ring at size 5 1/2 from that same order.

    Detail 1.JPG

    Shapeways Detail 2.JPG

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  2. JoostDenissen1
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    As said before the models looks great. I love especially the silver bead but all the models looks great.



  3. SGDesigns
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    Thanks. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the bandit bead. I'm currently working on 6 more. Add patina and mirror polish the skull only. Gonna be a long night. In a bit I'll post a pic that was sent to me of the first bandit bead. Had me crackin up...

    Check these out. A creative way of using these beads. He hangs the bead on a paracord lanyard but put it on a Halo toy for the picture.

    Halo Toy Head.jpg

    Halo Toy Head 2.jpg

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  4. SGDesigns
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  5. lensman
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    Nice bead, as usual, Sal. Love the Halo pic's - perfect size!

  6. Youknowwho4eva
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    Your work never ceases to make me jealous.
  7. SGDesigns
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    Thanks Youknowwho4eva and lensman. Im always trying to top my own designs, so the next one has to be better then this one.

    By the way lensman, yesterday I noticed you had a website. Made me go and snatch one up myself. I can link it to my shapeways shop too. I gotta start putting my stuff out there. Been focusing on designing that Ive forgotten to put it out there more then I have.

  8. lensman
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    Yeah, you can't just rely on Shapeways advertising our stuff although they do a great job of it. Let me know when you have it set up so I can visit. You gonna go with Wordpress.com? I highly recommend it. You can start out free which will get you a yourname.wordpress.com address but for $13 (used to be $18 I thought) per year you can simply convert that to a yourname.com address.