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    hi, I designed a new puzzle I called the nodebox. it's made of 12 parts, with 3 types of parts and 4 colors. here's where it gets tricky: to get a complete puzzle, I designed 2 different sets of parts available in my shop, with 2 units of each needed. so 4 sets in total, each in a different color. I have 2 questions:

    - are the instructions to get a full set too complex?

    - a puzzle would be about 80€, is it too expensive for a 6 cm large puzzle?

    the puzzle is supposed to be a box that can only be assembled in a precise order. I am waiting for the parts, I'll come back as soon as the puzzle is validated!
  2. animaniac
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    it's live! I received and assemble the prototype, and it performed as intended (as in deceivingly simple and fiendishly difficult). I updated my shop with items and videos: et-a-4-sets-needed.html et-b-4-sets-needed.html

    To get a complete puzzle, order 2 piece sets A and 2 piece sets B, in 4 different colors. In the video:

    1 white set A
    1 blue set A
    1 red set B
    1 purple set B
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    That's a great puzzle!

    Head over to Shapeways Labs to find out how to add multiple items to the cart all at once using the Product Sets Mod

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    whoa, thanks... I actually thought it would be a nice feature but had no idea it existed! I took a look at your shop, do you also know how to add paragraphs to the description?
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    Have you disabled the Public View?

    For the paragraphs, I use HTML tags <br> (or actually <br><br>), but I'm sure there's a better way.
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    You can pretty much use any html tags for formatting.
    Paragraph - <p>texty stuff here</p>
    Line break - <br>

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  8. animaniac
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    bonus points to anyone guessing the music of the video
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