Need someone Specializing in simple modern, clean design

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  1. odenn
    odenn New Member
    I have a product in mind to manufacture, and need someone who has an eye for design to help the idea come to life.

    A few notes.
    - a simple plastic case
    - size: just under the palm of a hand
    - design style.... Think: "if apple was to make a small plastic case, it would look like....". So, creative, sleek design.
    - challenge: explore different possibilities for a creative hinge and closure for the case. )Right now, I am exploring the idea of a living hinge, a clam shell design, and different closure options, but I am open to other ideas)

    If this sounds like a project you'd be fit for, give me a shout, with some of your work attached.

    Thank you,
    Ouja Denn

  2. CADNinja
    CADNinja Well-Known Member

    I can assist you with this.

    Drop me a line at


    Jeffrey Opel
    Texas, USA