Need small metal hinge modeled

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  1. kreed01
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    Hi all. I'm new here and not really sure how it all works. I am restoring an old computer mainframe and the door to the card cage has 2 small hinges on it so that it can drop down to access the cards. The original part was made of plastic and would always break. I'd like to have the part recreated in metal. The part is shown in the picture below. I can provide the plastic part if necessary.

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    PM sent
  3. stop4stuff
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    Hi kreed01,

    The hinge part is a straight forward model to make with the right dimensions, however there may be some inaccuracy with metal, Shapeways WSF is sintered nylon that may be more suitable and for the same cost ot a Shapeways stainless print, you'd be able to get mulitples of the same model in WSF, and WSF would be more accurate.

    If both hinges are the same or a mirror of each other, I can set you up with a model file for printing at a very reasonable price. Click [PM] at the bottom of this message if you've not got someone to make the model yet.

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    Looks pretty simple.
    I've attached a quick sketch.
    Do you have a calliper to take the correct measurements of ?

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