Need Help making Video Game Objects/Characters/Etc. Printable

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  1. HeadClot
    HeadClot New Member
    Hey Everyone!

    I am looking for some help with getting some video game characters / Props / Objects into shape for 3D Printing.

    I am not looking to sell these at all nor am I looking to profit off them in anyway shape or form.
    These are for personal/Home use only.

    What I need -

    I need help with making these objects closed and hollowed. I have tried my hand at making them closed however to many errors keep popping up for me to locate where the root of the problem is.

    If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

    I am setting up a FTP Server so that you can access the OBJ Files.

    - Ben
  2. TitanArt
    TitanArt New Member
    Is this a paid job?
  3. V1c3r0y
    V1c3r0y New Member
    PM sent.
  4. Sharpen3D
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    Hi There,

    We would love to help you on this project. We are a professional 3D model design company. We specialize in facial expression, character modeling and environment modeling.


    Sharpen 3D Solution
    Room 1701,NO.54, YuJingGang Road,
    ZhaBei District, Shanghai, China 200070
    M: +86 1832 1268 329
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