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  1. maitecupp
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    I am looking for someone that can design, produce my company's giveaway.
    I am looking to make a minibridge around 3inches by 1.5 with my company logo on it and then have the bridge in a glass/clear plastic box.
    Is anybody in your company can help me with it.
    I need quotes for 200 units/500 units & 1000 units.
    Deliver date first week of November to USA

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  2. sjoerdhuurdeman
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    Dear InfraCore,
    if you have a sketch of the exact measurements of the bridge I am able to create a model for you.I am also able to create this 2 D sketch/drawing with measurements of the bridge for you based on the 3D model I have created; The dimensions can checked by you and changed if you wish. With the 2D drawing it is possible to discuss about the model and propose changes in the model. It will be an interactive process.The same is possible for the box. The production is possible by Shapeways if the model meets your expectations. I am a modeler and not able to feel resposible for the production. How does the logo look like?
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  3. maitecupp
    maitecupp New Member
    Thank you for your reply. I don't have a sketchs of the design.
    I just need it to be small/cheap since it is a giveaway.
    the box could be 3.5x2.5x1.5 and the bridge 3x1 (all inches).
    Could you give me a quote of 200 units/500 units and 1000 units with shipping to the U.S?

    Thank you very much for your help.
    I can be reach at
  4. sjoerdhuurdeman
    sjoerdhuurdeman New Member
    I am just a 3D modeler. I want to help you with the design. I don't want to feel resposible for the quality of the production done by shapeway and the shipping. with the model you are able to upload it on the shapeway site and let it be sent to your own adress. You can do it yourself. The cm3 volume of the model and the material are making the price per unit. You can inform by shapeway if you can get a discount by a bigger number.
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