N Scale Steam Tram

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  1. reecejames
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    My next model project...N Gauge Steam Trams!


    Steam Trams.jpg

    Trams just take push in wheels and the powered bogie fits into the 'toast rack' passenger car.

    I started out modelling for white detail, but then ended up printing in WSF as the model probably isn't cleanable otherwise. Couplers are a slightly modified standard design and should just work as normal.
  2. bartv
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    Nice! So if I understand you correctly you'll be using standard parts for the wheels and engine? I'd love to see a video of that when you receive the parts.

  3. reecejames
    reecejames New Member
    Yep, that's correct. I'm using Kato parts for this N gauge model. (The wheels and motor bogies are in-front of my keyboard currently)
    I'll probably look into Bullants for any HO/TT/HOe stuff.

    The logic behind the integrated coupling is a combination of simplicity and aesthetics. It also keeps it standard if someone wishes to use other N gauge gear.

    My plan is to eventually take requests for speciality items, rollingstock, point levers, signals, engines etc. At the moment I'm just experementing with trams.
  4. reecejames
    reecejames New Member