N 1/160 scale Figures

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  1. HOLDEN8702
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    When i did this figures, I really thought I had to redo it increasing thickness and making solid legs and arms, just like the injected plastic figures.

    Shapeways accepted the challenge (and thickness checking said "no issues"). And I ordered it.

    These are the awesome printed results!:

    (no PIA, no sprues, no animals injured to model and print these figures).

    wagon lits n scale 001.jpg

    wagon lits n scale 002.jpg wagon lits n scale 003.jpg wagon lits n scale 004.jpg

    Model available here

    https://www.shapeways.com/model/1817251/1-160-luxury-europea n-rails-crew.html?li=aeTabs

    and here in HO 1/87 scale:

    https://www.shapeways.com/model/1819001/1-87-ho-luxury-europ ean-rails-crew.html?li=shop-results&materialId=61

    Today I can give thanks to shapeways for an awesome work!
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  2. Kaczor
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    It looks great! What software did you use for modeling?
  3. HOLDEN8702
    HOLDEN8702 Well-Known Member
    It's made with Sculptris, from pixologic. Free software.
  4. HOLDEN8702
    HOLDEN8702 Well-Known Member
  5. periocus
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    Very nice and very useful....
  6. HOLDEN8702
    HOLDEN8702 Well-Known Member
    Thanks, it's my honor to hear it from a true master of the tiny scales.
  7. periocus
    periocus Well-Known Member
    Too much honour. Thank you though.

    I think mine are not as good as many others, but it is enough for me. I wanted to do a diorama with a bikeracers in N and i have been looking for those. Next order....
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  8. aimeemoyer
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    Awesome! I'll make sure to feature these on the Scale Models page soon
  9. HOLDEN8702
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    Oh, Thanks!