More search results in the shops possible?

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by Callamon, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Callamon
    Callamon New Member
    Hi all,

    I used to browse the shops every now and then, but since the way the search results are shown was changed it is a bit annoying:

    In the past there was a "grid view", showing a lot of models in the shops at once. Now there is a sort of short list, showing only a few models on one page - so searching for new and interesting stuff became a very slow process.

    I looked for a way to use the old grid, but I can't find anything to alter the appearance of the search results. Is there a way to do it?
  2. Dragoman
    Dragoman New Member
    As far as I see, tHe grid view is still available, though the link to set it is a bit hard to see.

    Below the shopp description, but above the list of items is a line that starts:

    "We found NNN products by XXX"

    To the right at the end of that line is the "View Grid / List" button.

    The "Sort" field in that line is also quite useful, click it to "Newest".

    I hope this helps

  3. Callamon
    Callamon New Member
    Hm, but this appears not in that way when you search for a specific term.

    For example, enter "rocket" in the search line in the menue.

    The result will be:

    "You searched for rocket

    We found 287 products!"

    And then the beginning of the list. There is no button or something like that where you can change the view to the grid view. This is only available when you look into the different categories ("miniature", for example) on the start page without entering a search term. :cry: