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  1. 7Enneagram7
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    I am a sales manager with multiple reps. I want to offer sculptures or busts of people

    and children from digital photographs. I want to be able to offer very low priced items first to create

    interest and also be able to provide high end sculptures possibly printed from silver or other expensive

    materials. You do not need to have a printer capable of printing the most expensive items and

    materials but you will need to be able to outsource them. You will need to have a printer capable of

    printing the inexpensive sculptures and print those and ship from the US. We could begin from something similar this site:
    It will be important for you or a member of your team to be fluent in English so that they can have precise dialogs with customers.

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    Please contact us at

    We create custom figurines on a daily basis and offer high resolution faces and heads.