modeler needed to fix my stl errors in 3Dmax

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  1. carlyemma
    carlyemma New Member
    Hi there,

    I've exported my model into 3D max from Revit, and have run an stl check on it... some errors are showing yp and not being well versed in 3D max... have no idea how to fix them.


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  2. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    Could you include a stl, with the dimensions you want it printed ./me cannot convert a max file.:)

  3. carlyemma
    carlyemma New Member
    Hi Fred,

    PLease find attached STL file,
    It sits within the max bounding box of 220mm x 220mm

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  4. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member

    Asides from the size, your model uploads to Shapeways just fine.
    Shapeways have some software called Mesh Medic that automatically
    checks models for errors and make repairs.
    You can also download NetFabb Stusio Basic (free) for error checking
    and repair before uploading to Shapeways. You can also use NetFabb
    for measuring and rescaling.

    Here's what NetFabb reveals;
    K3 Box.JPG

    I suspect that the parts are made up of individual surfaces that are
    not all joined together.

  5. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    overlapedges.png Here is an example of the start of the problems. You took a 6 sided circle, made a copy, then subdivided it. Then you extruded and started manipulating the mesh to create a model. But the two circles edges overlapped which is not good. Similar problems like that happened. No big deal, being new to modelling is tough enough, without having to worry about the specifics needed also for getting a model printable for 3D purposes.

    Netfabb prolly fixed the errors in a second so its worth uploading, as mentioned above.

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  6. carlyemma
    carlyemma New Member
    Thanks so much for your responses and help! I'll try Netfabb now and see how I go :)