Meteor Madness, Astroid Attack and Fairly Twisted by OSKAR

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    Hi Shapeways fans,

    Meteor Madness, Astroid Attack and Fairly Twisted Astroid are all twisty puzzles like Rubik's Cube. They are based on Bram Cohen's "jumble" concept, where the geometry is no longer isometric and faces do not turn in regular steps of 360/N degrees.

    -Meteor Madness has the geometry of a triangular prism.
    -Astroid Attack has the geometry of a square anti-prism.
    -Fairly Twisted is a twisty puzzle that defies all rules. It has seven turning faces, eleven edges and seventeen corners. It has some local five-, four- and threefold symmetries, but the puzzle as a whole has no symmetry whatsoever.

    Watch the YouTube clips.

    Buy the puzzles.

    Look at the photos below.



    Meteor Madness v8 - prototype - 1 turn.jpg

    Astroid Attach v4 - prototype - 1 turn.jpg

    Fairly Twisted v3 - prototype.jpg
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    Someday, you and Mattel are going to have to release a line of Puzzles on the world!