metal coating on WSF

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by ocb, Oct 27, 2012.

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    IMG_0360.jpg ]this is a print painted with bronze metal coating from scupt nouveau, patinated, and sealed. i did use a primer but i don't think it was necessary, the coating goes on pretty thick, and i would probably try and thin it a bit next time. lots of options to be explored here, i think. ory=6
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  3. stannum
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    Acrylic binder... from any art shop, all good brands have paint mediums or heavy gels. Ground metal... from casting companies, look for cold cast fillers (or just fillers). Also from art shops, some carry aluminum and other metals to make metallic paints.
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    Yep that's what I figured after reading the various write-ups about the aforementiond brand (there are other brands too), however a system that is already commercially available is more attractive to me as I don't need to spend time (& money) figuring out proportions, consistency & finishes.


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    A company called Modern Masters Metal Effects in the US has different Patinas that react to thier metal paint. I just bought some and will try it out on a small WSF piece this weekend. I am going to use 2 coats of primer first. I'll post pixs