Mechanical designer new to Shapeways!

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  1. accushape3d
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    Hello Everyone! Looks like this is the place to be!
    I am a mechanical designer/3D modeler of about 10 years using solidworks and autodesk products. I currently work in Virginia Tech's prestigious Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Department.
    I've also been solely responsible for designing parts for, running, and maintenance of an Objet Alaris 30 for almost two years!

    below is a portfolio of some of my work if interested. dual_id=264299

    Glad to be on here and I'm excited about it! I will be submitting some models in the coming days. I am looking for some freelance work.
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  2. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Hi Dziniet,

    Welcome to Shapeways :)

    Put a shout out on the 3D modellers for hire board to offer your 3D printing modelling related services.

    Have fun,
  3. CaseyZ
    CaseyZ New Member
    I'm pretty new to using Shapeways myself and a Solidworks user too.
    I'm pretty interested to see how other people like yourself are going to design functional parts for RP, meaning RP parts that can be used "in service".
    Objets are great, I'm using an Eden 260V for fit tests.
  4. accushape3d
    accushape3d Well-Known Member
    awesome. 260's are great machines. what would you like to know in particular? Thanks,