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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by woody64, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. woody64
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    Would you please take a look on the material adding/removing selector.

    Can you please sort the materials according to wall size and material.
    (that should be a 5 minutes programing task)

    You will certainly remark how straightforward the process of selecting the materials will be.


    i.e. (not checked)
    Not available in:
    White Strong & Flexible delete
    Summer Magenta Strong and Flexible delete
    Summer Green, Strong & Flexible delete
    Summer Blue, Strong & Flexible delete
    Black Strong & Flexible delete

    Transparent Detail delete
    White Detail delete
    Black Detail delete

    Grey Robust delete
    Alumide delete

    Stainless Steel delete
    Antique Bronze Matt delete
    Antique Bronze Glossy delete
    Gold Plated Glossy
    Gold Plated Matt delete

    Full Color Sandstone delete
    Sandstone delete

    Milky White Matte Glass delete
    High Gloss White Glass delete
    High Gloss Black Glass delete