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Discussion in 'Technologies and Hardware' started by frigi, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. frigi
    frigi New Member
    I have mentioned the following issue(s) a few times in mails and on the forum and so did others but there was never a really clear answer on how those requests will (or won't) be handled.

    To sum up what I'm talking about:
    There are a few people (including me of course) who want and/or need to get higher quality prints than currently possible. What I'm talking about is the HQ mode of your Eden machine and definable model orientation.
    This probably won't be necessary too often (especially the latter case) but there's definately quite a few situations where it is because the difference is absolutely visible and often enough even crucial.

    There's of course higher printing times in HQ mode and sometimes also more supportmaterial has to be used but I would be absolutely willing to compesate that by paying a higher price for a model where I can choose such options and I think others would behave the same way.
    Atomating the calculation of such a new price would also be possible yet it's apparently a bit more complex than the current method.

    That much about this topic for now, it would be very much appreciated if you'd give a statement whether and in which way this is being considered for the future.

    One more thing out of pure curiosity:
    Is there any way for you to print a material which is easier to alter afterwards (detailing, probably adding or removing parts, etc.)? I think of something in the direction of wax because that would save quite a lot of money for wastemolds.

  2. EdZ
    EdZ New Member
    I'd like to second this. Making small, high-detail parts for customised model kits is my primary intended use for Shapeways. The current 0.5mm minimum detail size can be very restrictive for small components.
  3. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder

    thank you for the good feedback. We definitely want feedback and input on what production methods and materials you want.

    The short answer to your question is: if there is enough demand for HQ Eden prints, we will offer it.

    On the other hand we want to offer a diverse set of materials also, so we could consider a 'one-off' action, to try it? Any takers?

  4. frigi
    frigi New Member
    Yes, I'd gladly take that offer. Just head me up (you should have my mail address) as soon as you have a precise conception or whatever you need and I'll try to work something out that fits it.

    P.S.: What about a poll to determine the demand for HQ prints? Because I don't think a lot of people will notice it here.
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  5. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder
    The poll is a good idea.

    For now we first have the black detail offer, which is almost too good to be true (66.6% off).

    kind regards,
  6. frigi
    frigi New Member
    Yup, that offer indeed is very nice! :)

    It doesn't necessarely have to be a no-charge thing if I just got you right on what you meant, I would be willing to pay for it if it's an object that I want anyways. I'll drop you a message once I got something like that ready.
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  7. pzich
    pzich New Member
    I'd love to see more colors and beinga able to mix multiple colors in one model, but that'd be pretty crazy to do.
  8. Concept Visual
    Concept Visual New Member
    I'll take that as well- just let me know details and count me in.

    Also, I agree with frigi, a poll for HQ prints is a great idea.
  9. bvicarious
    bvicarious New Member
    Not so crazy, there are printers that do full color printing, and also ones that can mix different colored materials on a part-by-part basis. I'd love to see the full color option, even if it were crazy expensive.
  10. rtdgreg
    rtdgreg New Member
    Does anyone on the forum have any experience of using Shapeways models as lost "wax" patterns for metal castings? Can any or all of the existing materials be melted away?

    How about offering wax as an optional material? If existing materials can be melted they might be better than real wax - I'm thinking we need to make hollow models to minimise purchase cost, but wax wall thickness might need to be greater than plastic.
  11. madox
    madox New Member
    Depends where in the world you are there are jewelry wax 3D printing services out there specialising in that field at very reasonable prices.

    I found out via a google ad :p Not sure how appropriate it'll be to post a pseudo competitor link here :)
  12. pegorari
    pegorari New Member
    Maybe using a specific color material (like the VeroBlue) to make a test period printing in HQ mode, Shapeways can try the demand viability.

    I´m looking for a High Quality printed model to do miniature figures and make a silicon mold, without take a lot of time to smooth and apply details on final printed model.

    I´m looking forward to see what kind of services Shapeways will offer on future.
  13. daddymack
    daddymack New Member
    As I said in another thread, I'd pay more for printing services with

    higher polycount
    Finer layers
    the ability to chose print direction

    these things would be very valuable for the finishing process on my end
  14. jonathanjfshaw
    jonathanjfshaw New Member
    Ditto for me much better resolutio needed. For miniature figures and related stuff, 0.5mm is pretty useless.
  15. robert
    robert New Member
    Well actually the resolution is 0.2mm instead of 0.5mm.


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