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  1. skatersollie
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    I'm using modo 4. Please look at the image below.. I received a message saying the wall thickness isn't thick enough..
    I have a question..I created model as a with a one sided polygon...instead of 2, but i don't think it would matter because unless your trying to hollow your model i don't think you need it double sided . Sorry i'm not using a cad software..(modo)...but i still don't understand would scaling my model to a bigger size alleviate this error?? but then why do I see other stores have models that probably doesn't meet the 3mm wall thickness? If a model has an end coming to a point wouldn't it not meet the requirements stated?

    Does this mean i cannot have claws or anything that comes to a point unless it a huge model? I see some models in other stores that come to a point..anyone with helpful knowledge advance...


  2. stonysmith
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    I assume those dimensions are millimeters.. yes, you have a challenge. What material were you wanting to print this in?

    Yes, you can have sharp points such as claws. (I have done several airplane wings)
    But, you need the base of the claw to be fairly thick so that it doesn't break off. The basic idea is to have anything that comes to a point firmly anchored on something thicker to give it support.

    If they're not firmly anchored, then the item itself (the whiskers in this case) has to meet the minimum wall thickness rules.

    1) The whiskers aren't going to work unless they're 3x (or more) thicker.
    2) The scales along the spine are going to snap off unless you make the base of them relatively thick.
    3) Look at that place where the "hairs" come out of the tail... that is going to break almost every time, because it's not thick enough to structurally support the hairs.

    Overall though.. nice model.. I hope you can work out the design issues.
  3. skatersollie
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    i was hoping to use the color sandstone because it is the only one that has color..