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  1. KaiyaSea
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    this is my wayfinder that i modelled in Maya 3D software. I'm an animation student in England and we had a brief tutorial on 3D printing, this is my first attempt and i'm so excited at the result. The colour is filled in with a metal paint/residue that crackles in the drying process, and the actual model is made of stainless steel. If you'd like one let me know and visit my shop! (which is still under development obviously :p) i can fill it in any mix of colours and it can be printed in any of the available materials on this site, (although a metal is recommended)

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  2. lensman
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    I like it. I've been experimenting with colour fills, myself. Can I ask what is was exactly that you used?

  3. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    ....Guess this was a drive-by posting....
  4. KaiyaSea
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    god sorry man, didn't see the email for your message so i figured no body had looked at my post :confused it's prisme that i use, as it dries it gets a sort of crackled effect, it also blends with other colours relatively well :) i've bought a few more to test other colours. i'll post them too if you'd like
  5. lensman
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    Haha, better late than never :eek: Yes, would love to see more. Despite the fact that not many people respond in forums there is a lot of interest to see what others are getting up to.

    Was that spelling right? Can't find PRISME paints anywhere. Did you buy them online or in a store? From your testing how do they stand up?
  6. mkroeker
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    Google found me "pebeo fantasy prisme paints", lists Deserres stores in
    Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto as Canadian resellers.
  7. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Aha, thanks!