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  1. virginia_gordon
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    Let's meet up and find new ways to share and create. Please share the Jewelry, Fashion, and Accessories events you will be attending.

    If you have ideas for future events, please share and let's make them happen!

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  2. Frozenrain
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    Check my designs here:
    I do want to make them happen.But the shipping fee and import duty make me hesitate for a long time.Maybe I should wait for a Promotion:)
  3. lawrencekramer2014
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  4. ThreeForm
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    At World Maker Faire NYC on Saturday, September 22nd, there will be a fashion show in the New York Hall of Science at 5pm.
    I would like to invite members of the Shapeways community to participate and show their work!
    This show will specifically focus on jewelry and accessories, especially 3D printed designs, as well as wearable electronics/fashion-tech with futuristic styling. We have a crew with space-themed outfits set to present a diverse range of work.

    I am the organizer of the show. Having been involved in many 3D printed fashion shows, I've observed that there are often shortcomings in the live format of presentation for small items like jewelry. To solve this, I am arranging for a massive 25' projection screen behind the stage which will have live video and images to show all the glorious detail of the designs being worn by our beautiful modeling team, whom I have dubbed the SPACE FORCE.

    The show also features live music and performance, so it will be a very creative and entertaining spectacle. If you would like to be involved, it helps to be in NYC so you can drop off and pickup your work, or you can even be on-site to style it. Additionally, we have display space available separately from the fashion show, at a tent outside at Maker Faire. This is a great opportunity for visibility, since over 180,000 people are expected to be in attendance over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd.

    There isn't much time before the show, so get in touch with me (threeformfashion at gmail) if you'd like to show your work. You can buy tickets to see the event at Maker Faire over at


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  5. lahome
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    It looks so nice.
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    when the event the start 2019 ?
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    I think it's great and it might have a good feedback:)