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  1. captains2012
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    I am looking for help in producing maybe 30 pieces of jewelry in sterling and or goid for a small show. My deadline is January 2014.
    I have photos of my ideas but I can only do the project myself the old fashion way. I can hand carve and lost wax cast. I want to move into the 21st century of design
    Any one interested in helping me?
    D. P.
  2. gafsadesign
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    hello please contact me im ready for this work
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  3. designanything3d
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    Hi there,

    We would love to create the designs for you. Please contact us at ad we will get you a great quote.

  4. captains2012
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    here is ONE idea
    estimate 5.5X3 '' oval two sided pendant with King George' s Portrait removed and a portrait of Wallace Simpson on one side and Edward the VIII on the reverse OR two separate large pendants with flat back sides that can be engraved. The crown on top to be used as a pendant loop for a chain or strands of beads or just a ribbon to be run through so it ican be worn around the neck.
    Multiples produced in sterling. Hopefully one in gold, I also need to know if precious and semi precious stones could be added. I also would like size variations produced in the future.
  5. traiano
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