It passed the test ! Can't wait for this batch to arrive :D

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    :D It's been a long time I've been trying to squeeze this design down the intertube into Shapeways servers.

    I've seen a lot of :
    And now... its printable :eek:

    :confused I thought I would never make it through the checking...

    :D To think the problem was 17 measly vertices that got "fused" when the STL remove double vertices...

    I had read somewhere on the forum that this could create the non-manifold error.

    I was puzzled because the original mesh had no non-manifold.

    Here is what I did...

    After exporting the STL, reopen it with Blender.

    Go in "edit mode"

    Make sure everything is deselected.

    Go in the "Mesh Tools" tab, and set the parameter to the one in the picture (2).


    Then click on remove double (1).

    When I searched for Non-Manifold, it found new ones that weren't in the original. In the hairs, unsurprisingly :p (lots of intertwined meshes)

    This should help you correct some "Non-Manifold" errors that are reported by Shapeways.

    Hope it helps :p
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  3. aws357
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    It makes 166412 polys

    And its only a part of a much larger project I've been working on for a year now...

    Initially I wanted to print the whole thing, but there is still many errors to correct. So, for now, I will be happy with a bust on my desk :D (whatever the sense of bust people will use, it still will look good on my desk, if not mildly distracting...)
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