Is This A Joke(antique Silver)

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by DigitalDream, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. DigitalDream
    DigitalDream Well-Known Member
    I have ordert one of my rings in antique
    silver this must be a joke that's not a black patina this is a lot of shit. I hope this will be a error... There are customers that have ordered also the ring hope this is not the same on the customer ring´s

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  2. SemperVaporo
    SemperVaporo Well-Known Member
    If you mean "Antique Silver" then that is exactly what I would expect to see in the finish. Silver tarnishes to a black color that sometimes is splotchy, depending on wear patterns and what has touched it to transfer oils and acids (from skin or other materials that have touched it) and that will either accelerate the tarnishing or retard it. I don't know what SW does to product the Antique look, or whether you can "clean it up" with silver polish and a lot of elbow grease (hand rubbing). But that "look" is "Antique Silver".
  3. DigitalDream
    DigitalDream Well-Known Member
    No this looks not Antique Silver I have polishing the ring by myself and create the patina now it looks like a patina ring.... IMG_8266.jpg
  4. SemperVaporo
    SemperVaporo Well-Known Member
    WOW! Nice! You certainly improved the look of the ring!

    It is still an "antique" look, but I would characterize the original patina as being a ring that had been worn a while, and then put away (or lost, buried, etc.) and the acids and oils left to do their tarnishing.

    Your present state looks like an old ring that has been on someone's hand for the same period of time, such that raised areas have been rubbed enough to remove the tarnish that could have occurred over that time.

    How much detail has your polishing removed?

    Mighty fine looking ring!
  5. DigitalDream
    DigitalDream Well-Known Member
    I have done the patina by all my silver rings by myself this was the first time I have ordered a antique silver but also the last time. The problem is that customers ordered also the ring in antique silver an I think they would not happy with it... :-( And there is no lost of details by creating the patina...
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  6. coelian276
    coelian276 Well-Known Member
    Well, actualy you are using the term "patina" wrong. By pollishing it, you actually are removing the patina, not "creating" it. The black part is the patina, that usually appears on the surface over time. Shapeways is accellerating the creation of that by using chemicals and then polishing the most raised details to make it look worn. I can imagine that those chemicals still reacts with the metal when the ring is allready on it's way to you. As you surely won't wait several days to receive your order. So it's up to you to polish it to the degree you want it to look like.
  7. DigitalDream
    DigitalDream Well-Known Member
    No I know what a patina is have done this on my own stuff a lot of time the problem is that shapeways doesn't know what a patina looks like... If you take a look on my first picture this is what came out of the box from Shapeways.. The big picture is the same ring after I have polishing the ring to delete the black shit on it and creating my own patina....
  8. V_Master
    V_Master Active Member
    If you message shapeways customer support about it theres a chance they'll reprint and polish it better for you for free, I had a similar experience with one of my rings coming almost completely black as if it was not polished at all afterwards, The second they printed (and polished it corrected) was immaculate

    your relief is very small though. So its unlikely you would get a better result without it looks too polished and not antiqued at all unless you make a new ring and make the design a few mm more deep/raised