Is it just me...

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by derekh, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. derekh
    derekh New Member
    Or is it taking longer to get your stuff? The first thing I ordered (that wasn't the stainless steel) took like two days from the moment I ordered it to the moment it shipped. Everything I have ordered lately has taken at least a week and a half to get to the point to where it is "in production" and after that, it takes a few more days before it is shipped.

    Is it just me? Is it the new materials (alumide)? Or is shapeways just a lot busier than they used to be?

    Not a major gripe, just kinda wondering why everything is taking so much longer that it used to.

  2. gibell
    gibell Well-Known Member
    Yes, I'm seeing the same thing. It's pretty normal, actually. There was also a slowdown last December and others before it last year. Not sure of the exact cause, but dealing with finicky printers, volume increases, and new materials are all possibilities.

    The good news is that in the past orders eventually got moving.