Is it a wire or a wall?

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  1. dcyale
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    Here is a picture of a model I recently printed:



    I suspected the missing part of the chair was due to me messing up face orientation (and if I had looked closer at the Shapeways render I would have noticed a problem before printing), I beefed it up a little, and ran it through Meshlabs cloud service, and added a couple new chairs to another FUD model I was printing. This time I was told the chair back was too thin as it was made of thin wires.

    The question I posed to customer service, and didn't get a clear answer, is when if part of a structure a bunch of wires and when is it a wall with holes? I can make the chair back parts 50% bigger to make them legal wires, but it might look better if I made wider pieces.

    And pointing out that it printed before, apparently without problems, didn't help.

    I was pretty happy with the chair (except the missing piece) and was looking forward to getting a corrected version I could clean and paint.

    Any suggestions?
  2. stop4stuff
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    I would suggest you send Shapeways CS the images in your post and ask again what the issue really is.

    It does seem to me that as Shapeways are growing and bringing in new printers, both in-house and 3rd party production partners, that the model is checked every time it goes to a different printer. It may be that the operators who check the models don't communicate much or share advice & tips.

    To me, a wire is a wire if it has a unfrom cross-section, be it round or square. Anything else, such as your chairs should be treated as a wall because the cross-section is not uniform - I have had exactly the same issue with the window framework (0.3 x 0.5mm cross section) on one OO scale telephone box, another with the same window frame structure but bigger 'window spaces' printed fine as did the 'problem' model before - the rejection was 'the risk of breaking', not that it did break during printing, cleaning or whatever, but just the risk of breaking :rolleyes: