iPhone 5 HeatLock Bumper Case

Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by solid_modeler, Oct 14, 2012.

Would you buy this?

  1. Yes, I'd love to help you test it!

  2. Yes, let me know when it works!

  3. Maybe, let's see what others think first

  4. No, I don't like your design

  5. No, it will never work

  6. I would, but i don't have an iPhone 5

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  1. solid_modeler
    solid_modeler New Member
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  2. solid_modeler
    solid_modeler New Member
  3. natalia
    natalia New Member
    Wow cool!
    Whats the feedback from the real world? Does it work? Such an interesting concept!
  4. solid_modeler
    solid_modeler New Member
    Out of about 10 orders I have received nothing but compliments! Mine works great too! The only problem I have found so far is that the iPhone is made of so much aluminum that when it gets really cold, the case is just a little bit looser then normal. But overall it works very well!