Intersection of materials accepted?

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    Hello all,

    I'm working on a scaled model of a car we build. The drawing is made in Solidworks, all parts fitted together in a assembly.
    As I have the drawing now, the chassis beams run through the body material
    Attached a screenshot of the front wheel with the chassis and the body. As you can see the tube runs trough the body. On this intersection there is 2x material. (what in real life wouldn't be possible)

    My question, is it possible to upload this file and would it be printed normally?

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    Shapeways Mesh Medic software will boolean all of the intersecting parts into one mesh on upload, so there's no double volume to worry about. If your model has some very small meshes it is possible that Mesh Medic will see those meshes as 'ghost' meshes and remove them (more info). An alternative is to use Net Fabb Cloud Service for boolean joining and error checking before uploading to Shapeways.

  4. keesvos
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    Great! Then I'll finalize my model en run it through the software and upload it. Thanks for the fast help!