Inquiry quick (Bayonet)-lock for stereo plug/socket

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  1. shape_marc
    shape_marc New Member
    I am trying to create a quick (bayonet)-lock
    that connects a stereo plug & socket
    (pls. find details within the attached .pdf file)
    would like to ask you if my concept*
    works with ABS/Vinyl or similar
    rapid prototyping material?

    would you ...
    - use a different quick (bayonet)-lock
    (please see sheet E)

    - other than those material strenghts
    that i defined within my project
    (please see sheet F)

    what should/can i do to optimise my project?

    Any help is highly appreciated -
    i look forward to hearing from you;

    Best regards!

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  2. natalia
    natalia New Member
    I'm moving your question to the 3D modeling help needed section, hopefully someone can help you out there!

    We don't print in vinyl or ABS, but perhaps White Strong & Flexible or Frosted Ultra Detail materials would work for this.
  3. shape_marc
    shape_marc New Member
    ... thanks a lot for your reply!

    I actually created the .stl files already
    (pls. see files attached)
    in addition to my previous inquiry- :

    i am not sure
    - which/if any material is suitable
    (there's a M8x1 screw's thread within both of the parts)
    - if my construction will work in the "real world"
    (or if there is a more convenient/easy solution)

    I hope that someone may give me a hint/ post a link
    for any similar application so that
    i may alter/keep the concept.


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