Inconsistency in "Big parts" being rejected

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  1. I understand the "big parts" rules but there are some many inconsistencies in the rules and what actually ends up getting printed or not that it is a little confusing.

    I ordered a 1mm thick big part in WSF a couple months ago. It was rejected. I upped the walls to 1.1 and it passed and I received the part

    My last order contained too fairly long parts at 1mm wall thickness and it passed and I received the parts no problem.

    Now my most recent order were mostly big parts. All those parts have been rejected asking me to thicken them to 2.1mm to 2.5mm. This of course increases the price dramatically.

    So I just want to know why the inconsistencies? Why aren't big parts rejected upon upload instead of during production? Are there enforceable rules in places or is it up to the Shapeways operator's judgement at the time of print?

    Thanks for listening to me gripe.
  2. BillBedford
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    The problem with the large WSF parts is that they can warp. So it's going to be a judgment call by the operators as to whether the structure is going to be stiff enough to prevent it warping.
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    Did you apply the calculator to your model? The auto-check is a work in progress, it'll get better at catching all the rules.