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Discussion in 'Materials' started by wuerfel, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. wuerfel
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    I was lucky and get access to the new HP printing method. I ordered a bunch of pieces and I'm not happy with the result. I already contacted the support and I got nice help and we will fix my issues. But I wanted to see how others come along with their printings. I found the thread of a puzzle designer whos parts look amazing and seem to fit all his needs.
    My parts are very uneven according to the printing direction. I'm quite not sure if I really get HP parts or BSF parts. All of my parts bottoms are curved and edgy. The sides look very good and the tops seems to be like a very polished part, with very smooth surface and rounded edges.
    Also the details of the engravings vary from the different directions. The bottom engravings are wider, the side engravings are fine measuered along Z and wieder in XY, the top engravings are also a bit wider and not as deep as they should be.
    I mainly made dice and hoped for a more even surface structure. I got similar problems with WSF parts I ordered as prototypes, but these still look a bit better than HP.
    What I want to know, how about others parts? Was the printer setup wrong?

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  2. Andrewsimonthomas
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    Looks like this was printed with the HP but there are some surface defects. The face that looks "down" appears to have those sharp edges and slightly concave surface. Thanks for the feedback, we'll keep ironing out these issues.
  3. freelancah
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    I did some test prints as well and they have issues. Some smaller parts and a lot of holes in them. I had 4 of them and each one had those at different points. Also the curling phenomena is happening on all surfaces facing the top if they are 4mm or less. Also it would appear that there are actual cavities in the smaller parts.
    Downskin surface is good. Also the horizontal surfaces are good but the upskin has a lot of issues on all of the parts.

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  4. wuerfel
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    Seems to be a big issue. Doesn't look like the stuff in the promotional videos of the printer. Not nearly like that. Hopefully it is just a problem of handling the printer and not a problem by the printer itself.
    At the moment I'm still waiting for response from the production team.
  5. Roolz
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    Got two (very) different models of mine printed.

    In basic grey, to have no influence from the dyeing.

    The good:
    - Dimensional accuracy seems good, similar to the white SLS nylon.
    - The homogeneous mechanical properties in XYZ is very appreciable.

    The less good:
    - Remaining (unfused) nylon powder is white (there has been no ink on it, so it's "normal").
    With SLS there is often remaining powder in deeper recesses or close surfaces, but here it's very visible.
    Because white powder over grey plastic = very noticeable...
    It stays visible even after careful washing/scrubbing (less, but still).
    Not an issue for mechanical parts, or parts that will be painted, but can be a big issue for aesthetic unpainted parts.

    - Small holes on top surfaces with narrow cross section (1mm and below). Exactly like the posters above.
    The powder seems to be partially sintered on last layers, if the section is narrow.
    These small holes are not an issue for the model I ordered, but can be for other models of mine
    No holes on the model with larger top surface cross sections (over 1mm).

    PS: I noticed no curling/warping on top surfaces.