How Do I Make One Mesh Follow The Contours Of Another?

Discussion in 'Tips and How-tos' started by kaitlyn_may12, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. kaitlyn_may12
    kaitlyn_may12 Member
    I'm wanting to make a cityscape follow the contours of a geode model such that the city will fit inside the geode instead of crystals, but still flow with that surface, if that makes sense. Does anyone know how to do that?
  2. Shea_Design
    Shea_Design Well-Known Member
    I think this will depend on what software you are using. In 3dsmax (in case this gives you ideas) I would use two bend modifiers, then switch to free form deformations lattices to nudge the elements into position. I may temporarily flip the normals (faces) of the align to object to see the alignment better. Or I would just grow the city with something called a greeble plugin. -S
  3. drloris
    drloris Well-Known Member
    That's a really nice idea Kaitlyn.

    Wow, greeble plugins are amazing.
    If you don't have 3dsmax, though, there are multiple other ways. I'd try to do it with code using shapeJS, but that's me, and it might (would) get a bit fiddly.
    What material did you want to use? I think porcelain would be good.