Hot Job Need Something Designed Structural Metal Knowledge Would Be A Benefit

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by prince_759, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. prince_759
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    As stated hot job want to get this order in need it drafted design is pretty much there unless your insperations aspire and you have better ideas message me for details on it
  2. prince_759
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    In more detail I need a vertical gpu mount designed for my prior case I've been working on they exsist .Yes but if you would like to put your design or thoughts on paper message or email me said drawings preferably mechanical layout Autodesk style but whatever lol just need it designed 250 length 150 height is the room I have layer out for this project currently
  3. prince_759
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    And width of bracket should be able to seat and lock 3 dual cards 6 removable punch outs like back of your computer with either bolting or a lever action style locking mechanism
  4. prince_759
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    Also please keep in mind there had to be a way for me to run a riser through the bottom of this tray and with 3 Dual cards you are looking at some weight so do not forget your side bracing it will be mounting to an aluminum face underneath the mother tray
  5. prince_759
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    Dimensions stated above are max alloted but can be compromised in extreme conditions
  6. kaadesign
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    Show some sketches ... or whatever...
    ...or am I the only one who doesn't understand?
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    I can help. Contact me to discuss details.
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    Have you found a designer or are you still looking for help?