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  1. Fingers
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    My name is Iikka Keränen. My professional background is in video game development, mostly as a level designer (Valve software since 2001) but I do "art for art's sake" whenever I have the time and inspiration.

    I'm really excited about the possibilities of 3D printing as it combines the convenience of 3D modelling software with an end product that I can touch, or show someone without a computer. And finally, thanks to Shapeways, there's an affordable service so I can try it out!
  2. Whystler
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    Welcome! I can't wat to see what you come up with :)

  3. nllmavo
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    Hello Iikka
    Hope you like our community! So small question.....I saw your name and the word art. So I thought... Yes! Some Finnish / Scandinavian art to see really soon at Shapeways. Then I saw Hi from Seattle. Whatever, the explanation, I have seen people from all over the globe :) at Shapeways so we must be able to inspire each other!!
  4. Fingers
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    Hi, I am originally from Finland (but have lived/worked in the US for several years). I don't know if there's anything particularly Finnish about my art though :)
  5. bvicarious
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    Hi Iikka, I really enjoyed your Doom maps. :cool:
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  6. Concept Visual
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    Iikka- Welcome! I too am in Seattle- and while my education is in gaming I've implemented the technology in the architecture industry. I can't wait to see what you come up with- 3d printing is a pretty exciting technology, especially for those of us trained in 3d in the first place. :nod:

    Keep us updated on your experiences- I think the best way for us all to learn how to use this technology best is through eachother's experiences.

    Concept Visual LLC
  7. WetMorgoth
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    Welcome fellow seattlite :cool:

    BTW, a good portion of the shapeways development team live and work here too.
  8. Concept Visual
    Concept Visual New Member
    Really? Any talk of setting up production here as well? I'd be very interested to be involved...
  9. WetMorgoth
    WetMorgoth New Member
    I don't know anything about the physical production side of the site. We just do the code here. It was my understanding that there is a production company(-ies) here in the US doing physical printing. You'd have to get a real answer from others (pete, bartv et al) on that.
  10. samuraidave_1
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    That is fantastic that shapeways is in my backyard!
    My father was a machinist at the Boeing Wind tunnel and about 15 years ago he described the plastic cured by laser method of 3d printing to me. It is amazing that in a very short time that process is made available to everyone with a computer online.

    I am impressed with the assortment of materials available. :)
  11. crsdfr
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    Boeing are still prolific users of SLS. You'd be surprised how many parts on some of their planes are made from the stuff.