Hi From Norway :D

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  1. Eximious
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    Hi :) I'm new to this site..
    I just have two questions. What kind of models gets the most views here? I want to sell miniature models, kind of what you see in warhammer. :) Is there any interests for those kind of things here? And how do you change the price for the product you've published? I just couldn't figure it out :p Thanks!
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  2. Aegyptos
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    Also new here but from what ive seen the warhammer (and alternatives) do have a fan base here

    Sorry cant help you with second question as i havent done anything like that personally yet
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    There are two ways to edit the price. One is in edit mode you can add your mark up to the materials (as long as you have opened your shop) and two is to go to "my shop" under your username on the menu bar. In there Click on shop inventory, and click on Product Inventory to edit mark ups on all items in your shop.