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    Hi all:

    I found this site because I was looking around the internet to see if I could find some else who was making a particular freight car in N scale that I wanted and couldn't find. I found the "fowler clone" box car I wanted here.

    I am a high school teacher and model railroad hobbiest. I have been working toward teaching my students to use Solidedge. Unfortunately I do not have a printer of my own, so teaching 3d modelling is nice but without a printer it is purely an academic activity. I am teaching myself the software through the motivation of my hobby. I have a narrow gauge passenger car truck to print and a roof for a baggage car to print. These are large scale models (20.3).

    Second thing that I have now found that I would like a response to. In looking at the material comparison chart I noticed that the Sterling silver is printed wax and cast (lost wax process). Very cool. many model railroad high quality expensive models are lost wax cast in brass. what is the possibility of getting brass substituted for silver?

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    Welcome! we are looking into alternative cast-able metals.
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